Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Phongtastic! BFA Final

Well here is a piece that I still need to go in and finish. We were assigned this project with only 3 and a half weeks total to work on it. I still need to go in a change a few things on the model and the texture but overall I think it a strong first pass and I will be bringing this to finish.

Rancor Completed!

Here is the completed Rancor. There is a few things id like to with him like SSS skin shaders for one and a few more tweaks here and there but basically I feel Ranny is a portfolio piece. Id would have to thank Mr Gustlin and all of his knowledge for getting me where I am today in my CG skills. Well enough of the gushy stuff and enjoy the commentary with each image....

Here is Rancornis J Poindexter. Rancor to those who fear him and Ranny to those who know him well.

Ranny found a new toy and wanted to call him George. Outraged Luke swung at him. FOOLISH!

Angry Ranny tries to eat Luke. Don't worry kids Luke jumps away. Actually the reenactment is the post below!
Ranny's hands are empty yet beautifully expressive. So expressive Jabba the Hut gives him a gift as a reward.

Ranny showing his awesome bracelet he got from his frenemy Jabba the Hut. Once Ranny found out it was a part of an elaborate setup to chain him in a pit. he be came enraged... ... and escaped.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rancor Animated

Ahhh. Firstly I apologize to seasoned animator who may look on upon this animation and cringe. You see, simply I was assigned an animation assignment and I sadly am not an animator. I appreciate and love animation I am just not very good at it. But on the brighter side I was laughing the entire time i did this. besides the over the top acting and floaty animation, this cracks me up each time I see it. Not only was the entire class laughing, but I got the Dave's award of dropping rose pedals in a sea of butterfly kisses to the rancor. YaY! The highest Honor. I will be posting my newer renders and animation and turnarounds next week as the semster come to a close. Anyways no more rapping and more animation viewing! (if your wondering what that thing is in the corner running or gliding across its and image plane of Luke skywalker getting away from the rancor!) Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

2nd Project Final

Here are my finals for the second project in BFA. Each one encompasses what i think is working, What I failed at miserably and what I would never do again. I think this project for me was a learning process. I don't consider any of these porfolio ready but the airship i will definitely keep working on the model and textures. The bird looked great in zbrush and should have stayed there.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

BFA 2nd Project Update

These are the WIP of the three models due this project. I basically only have th first pass of the texturing. I recieved a lot of helpful critiques on the texture and hope to push them closer to the rugged and worn lookbut adding grunge take lots of time. The biosuit is in dire need of a different texture. The falcon is in some serious need of feathers right now! Will fix!
I hope to have them completed by Friday with the turnarounds.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rancor has Paint!

First pass of the rancor textures has brought him closer to life! Yea! 2 days it took to rid of seams and get the normals and such to line up. I still have some issues with spec maps and am currently working on getting him closer to the starwars example. Ive also imcluded a texture map to show my UV and texture process.

Friday, October 31, 2008

2nd BFA Project

The idea behind this next project was to incorporate the technology of Da Vinci in an atmosphere post renaissance. We were to be inspired by the stories of the black plague and create ideas and inventions from this. My basic idea was the fight or flight response to epidemics. Either you are going to try and escape or stay and protect yourself. We had to choose another time period other than the 1500's to present day and I chose Victorian for the simple fact that I love steampunk and the designs would incorporate Da Vinci's designs well. Here is the first roughed pass. I only had a week to get these up after I had a couple vis devers designs my initial ideas. I will post my final revisions after the project is complete.

Monday, October 20, 2008

First BFA Assignment

Here are the props I did for BFA for the novel Water for Elephants.The designer I was supposed to emulate in 3D was Willie Real. Although I don't think I really accomplished the translation from 2D to 3D nevertheless here they are. I still have to work on dirtying up the textures and lighting. The crate needs more geo the edges to make them look ripped. Both the phone and Trombone have movable parts. If you notice the Trombone is a silhouette of an elephant i had the general idea and with the help of the Viz Dev Artist Anthony Ashton I was able to build not only the tromphant but also the wagon which sadly I couldnt finish because the file was corrupt. I have a past save that is hours back from a finished model so I can go back and try if I find the time between all the other things I have to do. I have the turnarounds posted below but these are much better resolution to see what actually involved in the models.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rancor Concept

Well now that the modeling phase of my 3D character class is done its time for the concept pose. I tried to push the pose of the rancor as far as it can go. This no doubt will be difficult to do since his anatomy is kinda weird. Anywho here it is!!! Below is a test in ZBrush of just his head.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


In my 3D character modeling class its rancor time! At first I wasnt sure if I wanted to spend the entire semester working on him since everyone had to do the same project. I realized soon enough that this would be just as much a learning process as doing my own character. Im glad i didn't stray. This way I can focus on what is being taught and improving instead of battling differences in design or a new unforseen problem that a different character could have presented. Now that schoolism is done I can focus more on my modeling for both Maya Grandmaster Dave Gustlin's class and then any extra time BFA.

This is my last Schoolism Project EEKKKKK! I still need to work on the background but hey my Teddy the Yeti I think came out well. I highly recommend anyone who needs to learn Photoshop and how to paint with the wacom to take the digital painting class with Bobby Chiu. I learned so much and now feel competent in Photoshop because of it.

DONT SHOOT! a quick lesson in vectorism. I had fun and plan to use this as a quick way to colorize some illustrations later.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another Lesson Completed. After learning how to make my own custom brushes I did this hair tutorial. YAY!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Two More projects by Schoolism.

The first is just a tutorial on texturing and lighting and the second is about using the smudge tool to get painterly effects. Both very cool and fun stuff! All the concepts are designed by Bobby Chiu and you learn invaluable photoshop skills with each lesson!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Schoolism Projects

Have my first schoolism project done! Well it needs some work but for the time I had this is better than i expected to do. It went slower than I had hoped. I spent most of my time trying to get photoshop and my wacom to behave the way I wanted.. Alas im awaiting a critique and hopefully through this experience i will fell confident in Photoshop.

Here is another project. Took longer than I expected again! But overall I think it came out good. Im learned so much from this class already about photoshop and workflow.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


After putting off finishing this piece well Im glad to say it's done! Seems like Im rounding up more things to do than can be every accomplished but hey that's life right? Soon to come later this summer to my blog near you...

  1. Comic Book short story

  2. Storyboards and maybe some vizdev for a friends film im helping produce

  3. Work from

  4. More exciting paintings and sketch that exibit awesomeness and attractiveness!!!!

Plein Aire Painting

Every wednesday and sometimes on the weekend I go out to do some outdoor painting. Im posting up the ones I feel where the most successful or complete I have two in progress that I need to finish before I post.


Some evidence of my work over the summer break. Yes when I have the time to sit down and pause I soon pull out my sketchbook and draw or paint. I set a goal for at least a few pieces a month that I could show and didnt get upset if they were bad I would only try harder the next time and figure out what was preventing me from drawing well. Sometimes its just bad mojo or trying something different that you werent ready for. Anywho here they are...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sketch in SF

Had a fun day in San Francisco yesterday and even got a piece Im proud to display. This piece is in Fisherman's Wharf on the pier done in watercolor. I have an inkwash WIP of the chinatown alley which I hope to complete today and post very soon. Going on a sketching day with Barron Storey and I hope to get at least something good that I can post with pride.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Emanon Zbrushed

Well Yes it's Emanon again in her zbrush form. I had lot of fun learning and using zbrush. She still needs more work, but I am happy with the results as of now. I plan on finishing her completely so I can put her in my portfolio. Thanks Dave Gustlin for showing me the rabbit path in zbrush!!!!
Here is a link to zbrush central where the complete set of images are!