Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Phongtastic! BFA Final

Well here is a piece that I still need to go in and finish. We were assigned this project with only 3 and a half weeks total to work on it. I still need to go in a change a few things on the model and the texture but overall I think it a strong first pass and I will be bringing this to finish.

Rancor Completed!

Here is the completed Rancor. There is a few things id like to with him like SSS skin shaders for one and a few more tweaks here and there but basically I feel Ranny is a portfolio piece. Id would have to thank Mr Gustlin and all of his knowledge for getting me where I am today in my CG skills. Well enough of the gushy stuff and enjoy the commentary with each image....

Here is Rancornis J Poindexter. Rancor to those who fear him and Ranny to those who know him well.

Ranny found a new toy and wanted to call him George. Outraged Luke swung at him. FOOLISH!

Angry Ranny tries to eat Luke. Don't worry kids Luke jumps away. Actually the reenactment is the post below!
Ranny's hands are empty yet beautifully expressive. So expressive Jabba the Hut gives him a gift as a reward.

Ranny showing his awesome bracelet he got from his frenemy Jabba the Hut. Once Ranny found out it was a part of an elaborate setup to chain him in a pit. he be came enraged... ... and escaped.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rancor Animated

Ahhh. Firstly I apologize to seasoned animator who may look on upon this animation and cringe. You see, simply I was assigned an animation assignment and I sadly am not an animator. I appreciate and love animation I am just not very good at it. But on the brighter side I was laughing the entire time i did this. besides the over the top acting and floaty animation, this cracks me up each time I see it. Not only was the entire class laughing, but I got the Dave's award of dropping rose pedals in a sea of butterfly kisses to the rancor. YaY! The highest Honor. I will be posting my newer renders and animation and turnarounds next week as the semster come to a close. Anyways no more rapping and more animation viewing! (if your wondering what that thing is in the corner running or gliding across its and image plane of Luke skywalker getting away from the rancor!) Enjoy!