Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Rancor Completed!

Here is the completed Rancor. There is a few things id like to with him like SSS skin shaders for one and a few more tweaks here and there but basically I feel Ranny is a portfolio piece. Id would have to thank Mr Gustlin and all of his knowledge for getting me where I am today in my CG skills. Well enough of the gushy stuff and enjoy the commentary with each image....

Here is Rancornis J Poindexter. Rancor to those who fear him and Ranny to those who know him well.

Ranny found a new toy and wanted to call him George. Outraged Luke swung at him. FOOLISH!

Angry Ranny tries to eat Luke. Don't worry kids Luke jumps away. Actually the reenactment is the post below!
Ranny's hands are empty yet beautifully expressive. So expressive Jabba the Hut gives him a gift as a reward.

Ranny showing his awesome bracelet he got from his frenemy Jabba the Hut. Once Ranny found out it was a part of an elaborate setup to chain him in a pit. he be came enraged... ... and escaped.


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