Saturday, June 21, 2008


After putting off finishing this piece well Im glad to say it's done! Seems like Im rounding up more things to do than can be every accomplished but hey that's life right? Soon to come later this summer to my blog near you...

  1. Comic Book short story

  2. Storyboards and maybe some vizdev for a friends film im helping produce

  3. Work from

  4. More exciting paintings and sketch that exibit awesomeness and attractiveness!!!!

Plein Aire Painting

Every wednesday and sometimes on the weekend I go out to do some outdoor painting. Im posting up the ones I feel where the most successful or complete I have two in progress that I need to finish before I post.


Some evidence of my work over the summer break. Yes when I have the time to sit down and pause I soon pull out my sketchbook and draw or paint. I set a goal for at least a few pieces a month that I could show and didnt get upset if they were bad I would only try harder the next time and figure out what was preventing me from drawing well. Sometimes its just bad mojo or trying something different that you werent ready for. Anywho here they are...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sketch in SF

Had a fun day in San Francisco yesterday and even got a piece Im proud to display. This piece is in Fisherman's Wharf on the pier done in watercolor. I have an inkwash WIP of the chinatown alley which I hope to complete today and post very soon. Going on a sketching day with Barron Storey and I hope to get at least something good that I can post with pride.