Wednesday, June 27, 2012

UI, Webpages and Icons OH MY!

So I have been learning the skill of website and UI making for the last six months. I started with learning the UI process and applied what I learned to design a new website for myself. For the most part the requirements and keeping in mind things like layout, up and down states, links, functionality and how to break down the art was the simple part. Its no new concept, just a different medium and workflow. I currently worked on UI designs for a few companies. I'm finding new avenues of work that are creative and I feel myself being comfortable letting projects fall my way that previously I hadn't considered. I'm enjoying learning new tools and skills and I like the challenge of being a creative generalist.

Make sure to check out RETROWITHOUTACAUSE.COM soon!!!! I enjoyed working with this client immensely. She had clear ideas, a set style and colors and gave me lots of feedback right away. No time was wasted on either end! I hope anyone viewing this will take the time to go to her site and check it out! I'm posting the rough versions of images I worked on and so glad I've taken a course in Typography and most of the training came back to me. 

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